Endicia for Mac Updates


Upgrading will automatically bring over your mailing log and all your preferences.

Endicia for Mac requires:
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or greater on a Mac with a 64-bit processor. We highly recommend upgrading to OS X 10.11 if you are able to.

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Version History

Endicia for Mac Updates

Endicia for Mac 2.16.3 - March 08, 2016

USPS April 10th 2016 Price Change Support:

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • There are no more restrictions on reprint. You can now do reprint on a different day than the print date.
  • Fix for printing letter envelope postage for certain international countries including South Korea.
  • Fix for long running post-process AppleScripts that execute during an XML/URL driven print.
  • Fix for rounding error in USB scales that return 3 significant digits.
  • Fix for an issue displaying proper pricing for custom Priority Mail rates.

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Endicia for Mac 2.16.2 - January 21, 2016

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Automatically chooses the cheaper retail 1/2/3/oz First-Class Mail Parcel pricing when applicable.
  • Improves the speed of filtering/sorting the mailing log.
  • Improved messaging when the address verification service is down.
  • Fixes an issue displaying proper pricing for custom Priority Mail rates.

Download 2.16.2

Endicia for Mac 2.16.1 - January 10, 2016

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for certificate warnings on older Mac OS operating systems (we highly recommend updating to OS X 10.11 if you are able to).
  • An issue where the application would hang on launch was been fixed.
  • Hold for Pickup should now work as expected.
  • Customers with First-Class Package Services Commercial Plus Pricing and/or cubic pricing discounts are now fully supported before and after the price change.
  • We are phasing out support for DYMO 99019 labels, at this time, you can use them to print address labels but you cannot print postage on them. We will fully remove support for this label type in a future release.

Download 2.16.1

Endicia for Mac 2.16 - December 28, 2015

USPS Jan 17th 2016 Price Change Support:

  • For detailed information see
  • Prices for 13oz/14oz/15.9oz First-Class Package Service will now be generally available.
  • The Regional Rate C Box is being eliminated.
  • There will be significant changes to the look of customs forms, and some countries will now have single label forms where previously there would be three labels.
  • No change for the price of letters at this time.

New Features:

  • Added the ability to set a different induction ZIP code per return address. Each return address defaults to the account ZIP, or you can set one explicitly. If the sending ZIP doesn’t match the return ZIP, it will show up in light grey beneath the from address on the main screen. This ZIP is saved with the return address.
  • A new “Estimate Transit Time” button is available on the main window to allow for one-off transit time lookups.
  • There is now an optional warning if you try to ship to the same address you just shipped to.
  • You can now set a preference to automatically copy the last tracking number as a full URL instead of just the number.

Removed Features:

  • Due to various internal changes, the follow features have been removed:
    • Postage Corrections. You will now need to refund a mis-priced label and print a new one. Alternatively, you can use the “Make Your Own” feature of Printable Postage to print stamps for any amount.
    • Postage-less labels with tracking barcodes. If you turn off postage, we now just print address labels without any barcode of any kind.
    • M-bags. You will need to contact your local post office for solutions to print M-bag postage.

Changes and Improvements:

  • Mailing log operations are greatly sped up, including searching, adding new shipments, importing and exporting. We will continue to focus on improvements to the speed and operation of the mailing log.
  • Hold for Pickup shipments will no longer error out with cryptic error codes.
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

  • Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you’d like to see in a future version, we do read all of your email. We are here for you at at mac@endicia.com.

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