Endicia for Mac 2.0-2.2

September 29, 2006

Endicia for Mac 2.2 - September 29th, 2006

Important changes

  • Updates for changes in Endicia Insurance fees
  • All information sent to the USPS servers (for customs forms, Delivery/Signature Confirmation numbers, Global Express Mail and Express Mail) is now encrypted


  • Delivery Confirmation is now available to select APO/FPO destinations and select US territories
  • Certified Mail (with optional Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery) can be added to First Class and Priority Mail via the main window or the XML interface
  • Postage directly printed to envelopes can be left-aligned for printers that cut-off the right edge of the postage indicium
  • The date is printed on CP72 customs forms
  • Reply Postage is now available via the XML interface

Bug Fixes:

  • The customs form sheet now will take weights with “oz” and “lb” in the field
  • Memory usage while printing via the XML interface is greatly improved
  • endiciatool 1.1.2 now launches Endicia for Mac if it isn’t running

Endicia for Mac 2.1 - March 31st, 2006


  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel-based Macs
  • Envelope printing via XML (new MailClass tags are FIRSTENVELOPE and INTLAIRLETTERENVELOPE)
  • Service tags (DeliveryConfirmation=ON, etc) can now be used in the endicia:// URL type
  • Control-click on an address in the address book drawer to edit or export as a vCard
  • Easily add the To Address to your Address Book from the File menu
  • The value field on the main window, and on the customs form sheet can accept mathematical expressions (1+2, 5*15.95, etc)
  • XML files can be dropped on the app icon directly
  • The date is printed on CN22 customs forms

Bug Fixes:

  • Now will use a plain printer for printing envelopes unless you specify your DYMO in the Printer Setup
  • The main window now remembers its exact position.

Endicia for Mac 2.0.1 - January 30th, 2006


  • You can now print 2 cent InstaPostage labels
  • Validated addresses can now be in Mixed Case or UPPERCASE
  • New Address Book prefs pane for sorting, display, filtering Apple Address Book entries
  • New recipient name and service standards tags for email confirmation
  • Insurance cost and service standards are now stored and displayed the mailing log

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrects rate calculation issues
  • Correctly shows rates for Canadian Endicia Insurance
  • No longer allows Endicia Insurance on M-Bags
  • Corrects problem where Country name was printing too low on DYMO printers
  • Mailing log filtering works on Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar
  • Corrects issue with Apple Address Book and two-line addresses

Endicia for Mac 2.0 - January 3rd, 2006

New Features:

  • New 2006 USPS rates for items postmarked on or after Jan 8th, 2006 - http://www.usps.com/ratecase/
  • Direct printing on envelopes and postcards
  • InstaPostage for printing just postage labels without addresses
  • Support for the Endicia USB Scale
  • Print customs forms for all International/Military Mail
  • Print customs and tracking forms for Global Express Mail
  • Get your current balance with AppleScript:
    tell application "Endicia" current balance end tell
  • Revised application help with new look and more content
  • Drag out a vCard of your standardized address
  • Control-Click on the standardized vCard icon to map address in web browser.


  • DYMO printing is much faster and doesn’t rely on the DYMO Label application anymore.
  • The color, in addition to the font, of your addresses can be set for most labels
  • Domestic Express Mail labels can be printed on the Zebra printer
  • The Mailing Log search bar now does filtering, and is much faster on 10.3+ systems
  • Mailing restrictions for APO/FPO addresses are now available from the customs form sheet
  • Electronic refunds are available up to 10 days after an item is printed
  • Redesigned printer setup window to support envelopes and customs forms.
  • Print preview redesigned to support envelopes, and be more legible/functional.
  • Preference pane toolbar now shows selected preference (on 10.3+)

Major Bug Fixes:

  • Sending XML files in test mode, now produces output files
  • Won’t delete your mailing log if you try to save it to a non-writable location
  • Signature Confirmation numbers can be generated from the USPS servers again
  • Exporting the mailing log for the default date range will work as expected
  • All resources are world-readable which fixes the problem where users didn’t have sufficient permissions to launch the application
  • The Address Book drawer maintains selection properly
  • The mailing log selection and details panes should now be in sync
  • Batch check over a date range will work properly when used multiple times.
  • Mailpiece shows “International” when a foreign address is selected

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