Endicia for Mac 2.11.2

April 05, 2011

Changes from 2.11.1:

  • Added support for Commercial Base pricing for First-Class Mail parcels in Printable Postage.

USPS Apr 17th 2011 Price Change Support:

  • For detailed information see
  • New prices for First-Class Mail, Library Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Post, and First-Class Mail International.
  • Includes Commercial Base prices for First-Class Mail parcels


  • Delivery Confirmation can now be turned off for Priority Mail if you are using DYMO 30383 or DYMO 30384 labels.
  • The customs numbers for all packages will now appear in the generated email confirmation.
  • A new software update mechanism is now used which will allow for more frequent and easier software updates for Endicia for Mac. ing will no longer bleed to the edge of the label.

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