Endicia for Mac 2.13.2

June 12, 2013

Introducing Web Stores:

  • Endicia for Mac can now import your orders from eBay with our new Web Stores window. After connecting your eBay account with your Endicia account using the built-in Web Store Manager, you can view a list of all your pending eBay orders, ship them, and the tracking information is automatically sent back to eBay and to your customer. Web Stores is available from the main toolbar and the File menu.

Changes and Updates:

  • The application now runs in 64-bit mode on Mac OS X 10.6 and greater if you have a compatible system.
  • You can now enter a valid AES/ITN code for international shipments valued over $2500.
  • Updated application icon for retina displays.
  • Express Mail with Signature Required has extra text on the label about the required signature.
  • More warnings about international addresses that have too many address lines or whose lines are too long.
  • Better compatibility with systems set to non-US locales.
  • New valid country names include Serbia and Russian Federation.
  • “Returned Goods” is now a valid content type for the smaller 2976 customs forms.
  • Delivery Confirmation is no longer required for mailpieces going to US territories or military addresses.
  • Non-integrated customs forms are now available with M-bags.

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