Endicia for Mac 2.17.1

July 25, 2017

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced support for the USPS Automated Package Verification System.
  • When a manual weigh of a package exceeds the weight limit for the selected mail class (say you weigh a 2 pound package and First-Class is selected), the error dialog now lets you choose the class to use instead such as Priority Mail or Media Mail.
  • Added support for an OverweightMailClass tag for XML/URL requests. This is useful in the case where you send in FIRST as the mail class but the package is over 16 ounces. Instead of an error, now you can specify the class to use instead. For example:
    •  <MailClass>FIRST</MailClass><OverweightMailClass>PRIORITY</OverweightMailClass>
    •  MailClass=FIRST;OverweightMailClass=PRIORITY
  • International one-ply landscape labels on plain paper are now centered within the half sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with creating international large flat envelopes.
  • Corrected an issue where insurance prices for First-Class International Package Service were quoted as more expensive than would actually be charged.
  • Fixed a crash with certain return address images.
  • Improved error handling for loss of Internet connectivity or connection errors.

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